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SSECMGT - Managing Enterprise Security with Cisco Security Manager

Calendário de Managing Enterprise Security With Cisco Security Manager

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Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:
• Present an overview of the Cisco Security Manager product;
• Describe the main product features, and introduce the basic deployment tasks;
• Manage configuration of Cisco ASA adaptive security appliances;
• Manage Cisco FWSM firewall devices;
• Explain firewall event management and device configuration correlation;
• Describe the most commonly used VPN topologies and their deployment;
• Configuration of IPS mechanisms on the Cisco IOS platform,
• Explain the Cisco IPS event and configuration correlation;
• Explain how Cisco Security Manager works with Cisco IOS devices;
• Describe the FlexConfig functionality of Cisco Security Manager;
• Administrative tasks and integration with Cisco Secure ACS.

Público Alvo

Security or network professionals seeking knowledge to design, install, configure, operate, and to design advanced management solutions using Cisco Security Manager.


Attendees should meet the following pre-requisites:
• Experience with Cisco security solutions like ASA, IOS-Router Firewall and VPN;
• Understanding of networking and routing;
• Understanding of different VPN technologies, such as DMVPN, GET VPN, and SSL VPN;
• Using Microsoft Windows operating system.


Course Introduction
Course Outline
Course Goals & Objectives

Cisco Security Manager Overview
Introducing Cisco Security Manager
Managing Devices
Managing Policies
Managing Objects
Using Map View
Firewall Policy Management

Managing Firewall Services
Managing Firewall Devices
Event Monitoring and Rule Correlation for Firewalls
VPN Policy Configuration

Managing VPNs
Managing Remote Access IPsec VPNs
Configuring Client-Based SSL VPNs
Configuring Clientless SSL VPNs
Configuring Advanced VPN Configurations
Deploying Advanced VPN Technologies
Cisco IPS Solutions Management

Managing Cisco IPS Services
Managing Cisco IPS Devices
Managing Cisco IPS Events
Cisco IOS Device Provisioning

Managing Routers
Using the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch and Cisco 7600 Series Router Device Manager
Management, Deployment and Administration of FlexConfigs in Cisco Security Manager

Managing FlexConfigs
Managing Activities and Workflow Deployments
Implementing Integration Between Cisco Security Manager and Cisco Secure ACS
Backing Up and Restoring Cisco Security Manager Databases
Using Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Diagnostic Tools
Using CiscoWorks RME

Lab Outline
Lab 1: Configuring Device Bootstrap and Testing Connectivity
Lab 2: Importing Devices
Lab 3: Defining Interface Roles and Usage
Lab 4: Creating Policy Objects
Lab 5: Managing Firewall Policy—Policy Sharing
Lab 6: Managing Firewall Policy—Policy Inheritance
Lab 7: Configuring NAT and Inspecting Configuration Commands Prior to Deployment
Lab 8: Configuring Event Monitoring and Configuration Correlation for Firewalls
Lab 9: Managing SSL VPN Deployment Using Cisco AnyConnect
Lab 10: Managing Clientless SSL VPN Deployment
Lab 11: Managing DMVPN Deployment
Lab 12: Managing GET VPN Deployment
Lab 13: Configuring the Cisco IOS IPS
Lab 14: Configuring the Cisco IPS Module
Lab 15: Configuring Event Monitoring and Configuration Correlation for IPSs
Lab 16: Configuring the Cisco IOS Software Router
Lab 17: Managing DHCP Devices with the CiscoWorks Auto Update Server
Lab 18: Configuring FlexConfigs
Lab 19: Configuring Cisco Secure ACS and Cisco Security Manager Integration

Carga Horária: 5 horas

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