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PNR - Cisco Prime Network Registrar

Calendário de Cisco Prime Network Registrar

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The Cisco Prime® Network Registrar (PNR) Version 8.2 instructor-led course offered by Cisco® High Touch Delivery Learning Services provides you with the advanced knowledge and skill sets required to successfully deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot Cisco Prime Network Registrar in a typical network environment. You will learn the fundamental concepts on which the DHCP and DNS servers are based to understand how to solve problems relating to installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. You will learn how to configure Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Domain Name System (DNS) servers. In addition, you will use a system command line interface (CLI) to monitor servers, health, status, and other functions of DHCP DNS, Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) and other servers.
This course combines lecture materials and hands-on labs throughout to make sure you can successfully deploy, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot Cisco Prime Network Registrar in your network.
After completing this course, you should be able to:
• Describe the function of the regional Cisco Prime Network Registrar server and local DHCP, authoritative DNS, caching DNS, and TFTP servers
• Configure DHCP servers with class-of-service options for IPv4 and IPv6
• Configure DHCP failover
• Configure authoritative DNS servers
• Configure dynamic DNS and high-availability DNS pairs
• Configure caching DNS servers

Público Alvo

• System engineers
• Technical-support personnel
• Channel partners and resellers


• Basic knowledge of the Internet and IP


• Module 1: Introduction to Cisco Prime Network Registrar
• Module 2: Cisco Prime Network Registrar User Interfaces
• Module 3: Regional Cluster Functions
• Module 4: Cisco Prime Network Registrar Synchronization and Replication
• Module 5: Management of Administrators, Groups, and Roles
• Module 6: DHCP Protocol Review
• Module 7: DHCPv4 Configuration
• Module 8: Client Class and Client Configuration
• Module 9: DHCPv6 Configuration
• Module 10: DHCP Failover
• Module 11: DHCP Troubleshooting
• Module 12: DNS Protocol Overview
• Module 13: Authoritative DNS
• Module 14: Dynamic and High-Availability DNS
• Module 15: Cisco PNR Caching DNS
• Module 16: DHCP Expressions and Extensions
• Module 17: Address Space Management and Lease History Reporting
• Module 18: Command-Line Interface
• Module 19: SNMP, LDAP, and TFTP Servers
• Module 20: Cisco PNR Server Database Management
• Module 21: Migration
• Module 22: Service Provider Section

• Lab 1: Installing Cisco Prime Network Registrar on Linux
• Lab 2: Navigating the Regional GUI
• Lab 3: Configuring Cisco PNR DHCPv4
• Lab 4: Configuring Client Class and Clients
• Lab 5: Configuring DHCPv6
• Lab 6: Configuring DHCP Failover
• Lab 7: Using Cisco Prime Network Registrar DHCP Server Logs
• Lab 8: Configuring PNR Authoritative DNS
• Lab 9: Configuring Dynamic DNS and High-Availability DNS
• Lab 10: Installing a PNR Caching DNS Server
• Lab 11: Using DHCP Extensions and Expressions
• Lab 12: Cisco Prime Network Registrar Database Recovery
• Lab 13: Using the Cisco Prime Network Registrar CLI

Carga Horária: 32 horas

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