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SECFND - Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Calendário de Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Abril Maio Junho Julho
22/06 a 26/06/2020

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After taking this course, you should be able to:
Describe network operations and attacks, basic cryptography concepts, and network infrastructure device operations
Describe basic Windows and Linux OS operations, common network applications and attacks, endpoint attacks, and network and endpoint security solutions
Describe security data collection and monitoring, and the common threat models that security operations organizations can reference when performing
cybersecurity analysis

Público Alvo

IT professionals
Any learner interested in entering associate-level cybersecurity roles such as:
SOC cybersecurity analysts
Computer or network defense analysts
Computer network defense infrastructure support personnel


We recommend that you have knowledge of one or more of the following before attending this course:
Familiarity with basic networking concepts
Working knowledge of the Windows operating system
Familiarity with the Linux operating system


Module 1: TCP/IP and Cryptography Concepts
Lesson 1: Understanding the TCP/IP Protocol Suite
Lesson 2: Understanding the Network Infrastructure
Lesson 3: Understanding Common TCP/IP Attacks
Lesson 4: Understanding Basic Cryptography Concepts

Module 2: Network Applications and Endpoint Security
Lesson 1: Describing Information Security Concepts
Lesson 2: Understanding Network Applications
Lesson 3: Understanding Common Network Application Attacks
Lesson 4: Understanding Windows Operating System Basics
Lesson 5: Understanding Linux Operating System Basics
Lesson 6: Understanding Common Endpoint Attacks
Lesson 7: Understanding Network Security Technologies
Lesson 8: Understanding Endpoint Security Technologies

Module 3: Security Monitoring and Analysis
Lesson 1: Describing Security Data Collection
Lesson 2: Describing Security Event Analysis

Lab Outline
Guided Lab 1: Explore the TCP/IP Protocol Suite
Guided Lab 2: Explore the Network Infrastructure
Guided Lab 3: Explore TCP/IP Attacks
Guided Lab 4: Explore Cryptographic Technologies
Guided Lab 5: Explore Network Applications
Guided Lab 6: Explore Network Application Attacks
Guided Lab 7: Explore the Windows Operating System
Guided Lab 8: Explore the Linux Operating System
Guided Lab 9: Explore Endpoint Attacks
Guided Lab 10: Explore Network Security Technologies
Guided Lab 11: Explore Endpoint Security
Guided Lab 12: Explore Security Data for Analysis

Carga Horária: 40 horas

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